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Going Away for a Vacation or Stay-cation? Here’s How to Get Your Dog Ready for Boarding

As much as you might like to bring the family dog along, it’s not always practical or safe to get away with your pet. Boarding your dog is a great way to give them their own vacation while you are away. Prepare your dog for their stay with the following tips:

Schedule a Veterinary Visit

Before boarding your pet, you should schedule a routine visit with your veterinarian. This is important to verify that your dog is up to date on all necessary vaccines that are required at the boarding facility.

Consider a Boarding Trial

If you’ve never boarded your dog before or you are looking into a new boarding facility, you may want to try a boarding session of just a night or two so your dog has time to get to know the environment before you take off on an extended vacation. This also helps you get acquainted with the boarding staff and facility, which can give you greater peace of mind. That sense of security might help you remain calm and collected when you drop your pet off for a longer stay. In turn, your pet will pick up on your emotional cues and stay calm. 

Stock Up on Food

A visit to the boarding facility is not a good time to switch up your dog’s diet, so be sure to bring enough of your dog’s own food to last throughout his stay. Check your supply and stock up if necessary before your travel date. 
Veterinarian’s that offer boarding services may be the ideal environment for your pet while you’re away. At Kenmore Veterinary Hospital we know exactly what your pet needs to stay happy and healthy. Want to learn more about our dog boarding services? Give us a call at 425-485-6575 with any questions.