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Protecting Your Dog from Heat Stroke

Warm temperatures can be hard on our four-legged family members due to the risk of heat-related illness, such as heat stroke. Here are some tips for keeping your pet cool: 

Take walks early in the morning or at night.

Your dog’s time outdoors should be limited when temperatures soar and when they are outside they should have access to shaded areas. Early morning is the best time for walks when the pavement is cooler on your dog’s paws and you will want to keep your walks short.

Provide plenty of fresh, cool water.

Whether indoors or outdoors, your pet should always have access to fresh drinking water. Swimming is a great way for dogs to cool off since they can’t regulate their temperature by sweating, so try a kiddie pool in your backyard or taking them to a water source nearby. Always supervise your dog while swimming.  Water in a hose can heat up, so be careful if you want to cool your dog down with water from a hose.  Test the water first and let it run to make sure it is cool before you spray your pet.

Try boarding your pet.

Whether you are leaving town or running errands for a few hours, consider boarding your pet to provide a cool and supervised environment if temperatures are too warm inside your home.

Never leave your pet in a parked car. 

Parked cars pose one of the biggest dangers for pets in terms of heat illness. Even in milder summer temperatures, the inside of your car heats up quickly. Never leave your dog inside a parked car, even if you crack a window. 
If you think your dog is experiencing a heat-related illness call your local emergency veterinarian immediately for guidance. Heatstroke is an emergency! Call Kenmore Veterinary Hospital at 425-485-6575 today for further questions regarding heatstroke prevention or to request a boarding appointment with us!