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Signs that Your Dog Needs More Activity

There are a lot of things that your dog needs to stay healthy, including nutritious food and routine check-ups with your local veterinarian. One thing that can be easy to overlook—but is incredibly important for any dog—is regular physical activity. If your dog doesn’t get enough activity, she may begin to exhibit a number of undesirable behaviors, including the following:

Destructive Behaviors

Have you noticed that your dog has been misbehaving or even destroying items around the house? Destructive behaviors, including chewing non-toy items, digging at the floor, and damaging furniture, can be a cry for help from a bored dog. Establishing an exercise routine for your dog, such as weekday sessions at a doggy daycare plus long walks on the weekends, can often go a long way towards curbing destructive behaviors.


If your dog is not getting enough activity, she will likely have a lot of excess energy that she may express through restlessness. Pacing around the house, having trouble settling down to sleep, and jumping or running around when anything exciting occurs are all signs that your dog is in need of more exercise and stimulation. 

Weight Gain

Just like humans, dogs that do not exercise enough may be prone to excess weight gain. If you’ve noticed that your pooch is packing on the pounds, talk to your veterinarian about her current diet. If your dog’s food isn’t the issue, then it’s time to start encouraging more activity.


Have you noticed that your dog seems to bark or whine for seemingly no reason? Inappropriate vocalizations can be a sign of boredom in dogs, which can often be eliminated with more regular physical activity.
Making sure that your dog gets enough exercise is crucial for ensuring that she has a healthy, happy life. If you are concerned that you don’t have enough time to play or walk with your dog each day, you may want to bring her to doggy day camp, where she can play with staff members and other dogs throughout the day. Before you do so, however, you should be sure to bring your dog to Kenmore Veterinary Hospital for a check-up and routine vaccinations. To learn more about boarding and doggy day camp options, give us a call at 425-485-6575 today!