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Why Immunizations are Important for Your Pet

Oftentimes, pet owners underestimate the value of preventive care, including immunization. We want your pet to live the longest, happiest life possible, so we are here to explain why immunizations are important for your pets.

Risks of Not Getting Your Pet Immunized

When animals are born they have some immunity to diseases that are passed from their mother and through their mother’s milk, but these antibodies only last a matter of weeks. This is why newly born animals are kept close to their mother and away from other animals. At this point, they become susceptible to numerous respiratory and neurological diseases that can cause chronic illness, or even death. 

The Benefits of Immunizing Your Pet

Getting your animals immunized means protecting your pet, other animals, and your family members from several diseases, including rabies, which can be spread through scratches or bites. It also means saving your family money because for diseases that do have treatments, they can be quite costly. Finally, boarding your pet will be less stressful as most boarders require up to date immunizations, so you could be left scrambling to get your pet vaccinated, or have severely limited care options while you travel.

Immunizations Your Pet May Need

Cats and dogs do not get the same immunizations. Your veterinarian will let you know which vaccines your pet needs based on their breed and lifestyle. Indoor cats will not need to be immunized against Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), but it is still highly recommended, especially if you have other cats in your home. The rabies vaccine is one immunization that many states require as this disease can be deadly to both animals and humans if bitten, and it helps protect your animal if they are bitten by an infected animal.

Contact your veterinarian to find out what immunizations your pet needs.