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Identifying Behavioral Issues in Your Dog

There is a fine line between normal dog behavior and troublesome dog behavior. For example, playful biting can quickly become a problem if your dog becomes over-excited and bites too hard during playtime. The best way to get ahead of your dog’s problematic habits is to recognize them early and take the proper steps to correct them before they become dangerous or destructive.

Dog Breeds and Behavioral Normalcies

Certain dog breeds are prone to specific behavioral habits. For instance, dog breeds that were bred to herd cattle may be more inclined to chase bikes, and hound dogs may bark at scents or noises, as they were historically bred as hunting dogs. It is important to decipher whether your dog’s behavior results from their heritage or if they are engaging in unusual behavior. It is also important to note that even if your dog is predisposed to certain behavioral tendencies, they can still become excessive and problematic and should be corrected appropriately. 

Recognizing Concerning Behavior

If your dog is compulsively misbehaving, it may be more profound than just your dog being a dog. Often, a dog will act out to convey a message. For example, if your dog is reactive while on a leash, it may be an indication that your dog is experiencing fear, stress, excitement, or anxiety. If your dog has a habit of chewing your shoes when you are not home, it may be a result of loneliness or stress, as they do not feel comfortable when you are not around.

Correcting Behavior Issues

In certain cases, correcting your dog’s behavior requires proactively recognizing their triggers or needs. Other times, it is not as simple and may require a trip to your veterinarian, as health conditions will influence a dog’s behavioral patterns.

If you feel your dog may behave differently due to an underlying medical concern, contact your local veterinarian to schedule a thorough health evaluation.