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How to Make Your Dog’s Pet Appreciation Week Extra Special

Our dogs are our loyal companions. They wait by the door to greet us after a long day, they happily follow us around, and they take any opportunity they get to nuzzle up right beside us. With the abundance of unconditional love that they provide us, it’s only fair that this Pet Appreciation Week, we return the favor by showering them with gratitude to show them how much we adore sharing our lives with them. Here are three ways to make your dog’s Pet Appreciation Week extra special. 

Plan Exciting Outdoor Activities 

Most dogs love to get outside and get active. With all the energy they have, being able to run in the beautiful sunshine beside their favorite person is their ideal day. This Pet Appreciation Week, plan something extra special with an exciting outdoor activity, such as a day at the park, a beach walk, a hike through the woods, or even just some extra time spent in your backyard playing fetch. 

Prioritize Your Time Together 

If an outdoor excursion is not possible, or if your dog prefers the luxuries available in your home, plan a day of quality indoor time with your pet. This may be as simple as shutting out the outside world for a little while, putting your phone down, and just spending one-on-one time enjoying your pet’s company, whether that includes a snuggle or some play-time. 

Donate to a Rescue or Shelter 

While your dog may rule your household, not all dogs are as lucky. This Pet Appreciation Week, consider making a donation to a local rescue or shelter in your dog’s honor. This charitable donation can help other dogs receive the same level of love, care, and commitment your beloved pup is fortunate enough to receive on a daily basis.  

For more information on how you can make your dog’s Pet Appreciation Week extra special, reach out to your trusted, local veterinarian today.